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  1. Show me your anvil

    May not have found it so quickly without your help, cheers! Thank you all for the feedback
  2. Show me your anvil

    Thanks I was wondering what that meant. A little disappointing but maybe still a good find?
  3. Show me your anvil

    How very "metal" of you JHCC And yes there does appear to be undulations Thomas.
  4. Show me your anvil

    No sorry can't find anything anywhere. It's a mystery, not sure I'd have much luck asking the guy I got it from either but I could check if you like.
  5. Show me your anvil

    My first anvil! Picked it up Friday, guy said it was passed down a few generations. No markings to be found but appears to be cast. Good rebound maybe 80-90% with a ball bearing. Just under 150# 3+3/4 by 17 with hardy just over 1" (1 1/8?) Let me know what yall think, thanks! .
  6. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Yeah life can be a real birch, but we forge on
  7. Design question for helium tank forge

    Great info gentlemen thank you! I know drilling a hole for water displacement still makes me nervous on a manually discharged tank. Good to know about air "rinsing" and the small fitting on the valve. I'll pick up a smaller tank and do a side by side comparison and some math and make my decision. I figure a frosty t might be in order as a cast multi port might be too ambitious for a first timer.
  8. Design question for helium tank forge

    Thanks jer, I did consider doing that with the lp tank. Still am, I hate decisions when there's no obvious winner. You reminded me that my area has a "bulk trash" day once a month that stuff has to go to similar relay point not just straight landfill. I think I should have no problems coming up with a shell. if the pearlite is just a filler per se does it need mixed with anything or does the layer/layers of blanket and castable above it make that moot?
  9. Design question for helium tank forge

    Excellent mr powers thank you! There's a party shop 10 mins away I'll be checking out.
  10. Design question for helium tank forge

    Thanks Buzz, free is great! Still have trouble wrapping my head around places giving away stuff like that. Also thanks Wayne and I've been on the site and will be in touch when it comes time for refractory.
  11. Design question for helium tank forge

    I must say this thread has been super informative. I've been kicking around the idea of doing a similar design with a 20# propane tank but feel like the 583 ci of Fire box Wayne quotes on his site is quite demanding for needed output of burner/burners. Besides being slightly bigger/longer than I would need, I do not have a 100# lp tank to feed the beast nor a truck to haul said 100# tank for refills. FYI this would be my first forge and have reasons for wanting gas. So I suppose my main question is, is a 20 pounder just too big for a general purpose forge or consume too much fuel for someone like me? I like the idea of a smaller helium tank, but also not sure if I can get one for cheap. Follow up: pearlite filler is a great idea! is that mixed homegenously with refractory or is refractory layered over the top? I.e. Not pre mixed I do realize it does depend on the type of burner I have in mind. I originally thought gun/blown type but pricing fans was a HUGE turn off. Then it was on to NA and the T, but recently just loved frostys work on a NARB. (2" x 6" I think?) Im just trying to figure out exactly what I'm gonna do before collecting materials. Nice work planning so far JHCC, don't give up I'll take the plunge with ya! Thanks!
  12. New!

    I did see a beginner class in Zoar for 100$ but yeah it seems that 150 isn't far from other prices I've seen. btw thanks to whoever moved the thread
  13. New!

    Hope I'm not stepping on Joeys toes here but seeing a few people from my area got me excited. I too am a brand newbie and was wondering if any of you went to any WRABA events or open forges? (Perhaps Jason's shop?) Ive been digesting as much as I can over the past few months; 2 books including backyard blacksmith : ) u tube instructionals, and of course the treasure trove of info that is this forum. So thank you all for sharing your knowledge! I've heard many times hands-on instruction from a professional is the gold standard and best way (and possibly fastest?) to learn. And before you ask I'm in north Olmsted ; ) Cheers, -J