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  1. Sorry, in that case no dents at all even when hit fairly hard but lets off a loud ringing South Yorkshire
  2. I did state that it rings (I think I wrote ding) on all parts of the anvil. Looking at ebay, a cast iron anvil is selling for £300-£400, would this be about right for a forged one or could we ask a nice rounded £500? I've not got the time, space or money for blacksmithing so we'd rather just sell it on to someone who will put it back to work.
  3. Also just measured it, it's 25" long (9" of which is the horn), 5" across and 11" tall. Definitely no serial number, if there ever was one, paint and rain eroded it away. I can't see the underside as once I tip it over it's not coming back up again (I'm strong but that things weighs a lot)
  4. So is it a proper forged anvil? It's strange, there's no identification on it whatsoever, no brand, no serial number. I's just a solid hunk of metal at what I would estimate to be at least 500lbs
  5. My grandfather bought this secondhand about 35 years ago, my Nana is now selling most of her things to move into a smaller house, this has been living in the garden as a patio ornament all that time. There doesn't seem to be any maker's mark, though it's exposure to the elements has left the surface pretty rough (it's obviously iron) I'm not sure how heavy it is but I regularly carry a 17kg dog and this thing I barely managed to get a cm off the ground for one second. All my Nana is interested in is what we should advertise it as (anvil or ASO) and how much we can get for it but I'd just like to know a bit more about it if anyone can help, a friend of mind believes it is probably cast but as I said, the weather has removed any seam lines that may have been present. Also I hit it with a hammer and it dings, on the middle, the horn and the back
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