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  1. Thanks for the information. Do you guys think I should file the edges of there more even and show less of the chipping?
  2. I just bought this Trenton anvil for $475.00 and I am wondering what year it might of been made? It has an hourglass bottom and the Trenton stamp and USA on the side.The front or horn side foot on the left has W158 and I know that is the weight wich is close to the actual weight of 156 pounds. And I know that the left is the serial number and it is A23281 but the one at the end almost looks like a Z and I don't know if that was a thing they did or not. Thanks if you can help tell me what year it might of been made.
  3. This is the third knife that i have made it is made from a railroad spike and is sharped to cut paper smoothly and i have put bees wax on it as some what of a polish and to stop it from rusting. I would like to know what you guys think and what suggestions that you guys have?