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  1. Thanks for posting Trist. I'm psyched, hopefully the weather is better than last time we were there together.
  2. I don't fish, (insert fisherman joke here), I work on tugboats.
  3. Unfortunately, 6 months out of the year this is the reality, not an excuse. Saw some media from this workshop on FB, looks like you had a great time. Hopefully I'll be ashore for the next one. Keith Northwind Homestead
  4. I'm so bummed I'll be at sea for this workshop. Hopefully there will be some more.
  5. Butte. Yeah, disn't get to update profile initially was on data plan. It's there now.
  6. Hi. I'm a new guy here. I'd like to attend a meeting and see what this is all about. Are there more details about when and where the meeting is?
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