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  1. I picked up Kast-o-lite 30, I heard the best things about 30 so I ordered some. I've got 20 pounds of it and upon further research I saw a post about maintaining the mix after you open the bag- does it harden up when exposed to air or something? Also, is Kaowool at least a good forge backer if your using refractory, can they be used together at all?
  2. So I ordered some Kast-o-lite but I'm a little confused with the directions I've found online-- the actual Kast-o-lite didn't come with directions. Could I get some help? What steps should I take to cast it? Also, will Kaowool get soaked up with wet Kast-o-lite? Would using Kaowool in the refractory help at all or not really? Also- If I cut up a bunch of scrap Kaowool and mixed it in randomly with the refractory (Kast-o-lite) wound that help the insulation of my forge?
  3. HA! You called me Cookie XD (Thats hilarious) Thanks for the warm welcome! You guys are very inviting and seriously very helpful. You may be right, I think the sodium silicate isn't cured yet- I completely forgot to check the curing time. Thanks for the warning about humidity, im in WI were there used to be a swamp- so it can get quite humid and I've already had a plaster mold spew molten aluminum at me. One more question before I dive into your forums. I made Grant Thompson's Charcoal Mini Foundry and the plaster/sand mix after one use practically all fell apart and is now extremely fragile. Do anything to the plaster and it would all fall apart. Is that because I didn't slowly heat it up to remove moister?
  4. So like many I'm new at this whole forge making thing- I've made a charcoal forge but its not that great and its a pain to set-up and clean-up so I'm working on a propane forge. I am using the per lite and sodium silicate mixture everyone's talking about but when I tried to heat my forge the smallest amount of heat made the sodium silicate bubble up. The bubbling is white, rocky, and strangely enough kinda looks like perlite (if perlite was a mold). To make sure it was the sodium silicate I put some one a piece of wood and after it was hard I blow-torched it. The same thing happened, white, rocky, hard bubbles. The sodium silicate that I have I bought disguised as Cement Sealer because it was cheaper. I bought a Gallon for $50 and it claimed to be 100% sodium silicate. Whats wrong with it? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Here's a picture. I covered the perlite mixture with the refractory cement from CLKindred's forge making video. This Dark Grey cement lets you see the bubbling effect clearer. What in the world is that?
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