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  1. I would love to start using it but I don't have a work space yet. The basement seems too dangerous. I'm going to have a large metal shed built in the back yard soon and then I will start putting it to use.
  2. Me posing with my leg vise, I think I'm done adding stuff to it.. I think..
  3. He's located in Dowagiac. He sells under the name of "matchless antiques". He also takes old power hammers and rebuilds them with tighter tolerances than you can buy them new. He showed me step by step how he rebuilds them when I went there to buy this anvil. You can find some of his videos on YouTube. He seemed like a pretty cool guy.
  4. Welded a 3' stainless steel plate to the bottom. It's only a quarter inch thick but it feels much more stable now. I'm not a welder so don't judge my booger welds (directed at all you weld nazis). Next thing I'm going to do is add another support beam to hopefully make the wood platform last longer. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.
  5. Great advice, thank you. I'm thinking of making a square base with wheels just because a round base seems like it would be hard to find or make. Unless you know of a place that sells round plates that large.
  6. Thanks for the input Thomas, I might just have to figure out a way to do that as bolting it to concrete makes it stationary and I think I would prefer to be able to move it around if I had to. Maybe I will weld the base plate to a larger flatter metal plate. Thanks again!
  7. This is what I have done so far. Thought I would share just in case anyone finds it useful. The base was an olympic 45lb weight. I also drilled holes through the base plate in order to attach it to concrete at some point down the road because I have a feeling it may not be as stable as it needs to be. The top is 2" of oak and I may have to switch that out with metal at some point as well. Just finished this project today.
  8. $5 per pound is what they seem to be going for on ebay anyway and sometimes more. Before shipping too. The guy who sold it to me is very aware of this and I'm sure I wouldn't have been able talk the price down any. He also told me that if I wanted to upgrade my anvil to something bigger or better at any point he would buy it back from me and put every dollar I spent on this one towards a bigger one. The selection he had there was incredible.
  9. Hello everyone, I have been wanting to get into blade smithing for a while now and finally started buying the tools I need to make it happen. I found a guy in my neck of the woods who sells anvils so I bought a 220lb Arm & Hammer (see pictures) for $5 a pound. Let me know what you guys think. Was my investment worth it? I know there is a little pitting on the face of the anvil but from what I've read the pitting should smooth itself out during use. I'm looking forward to having a shop built and starting my new hobby. The serial number on the front of the anvil says 36744. The guy who sold it to me looked it up in his book and said it was made in the early 1900s. Any and all advice is welcome. I was told I could use a twisted steel brush with an angle grinder to remove the rust and then rub it down with linseed oil to make it pretty again. Please, let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.
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