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  1. Are their any smiths in Jackson WY? Or the surrounding area? Maybe knowing a close friend Butch?
  2. G Thank you! That is some great info, the wood here is extremely hot burning because it is a resin rich spruce
  3. I live in an extremely small town, and the only blacksmiths are professionals that do private apprenticeships
  4. I have an old, extremely heat resistant clay pot. I need to know if this can be made into a wood forge, strictly wood, I live in a heavily wooded area in western WY and this is the only fuel that is free. I do not have a propane torch. Can this flower pot be turned to a makeshift forge? Or would I have better luck digging a pit fire?
  5. I am completely new to smithing, (is that the correct term?) anyway, I was wondering a way to practice without a forge or heat source. I was thinking making a tight packed aluminum mild of some sort and using this for hammering. My mom has a kiln that she doesn't use anymore, but she will never let me use this. I have a soldering iron, could this help somehow? The Kiln reaches 1700' so it wouldn't be of much use anyway