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  1. Hey Mikey, https://www.abana.org/downloads/pipeforge_plans.pdf Finally found this after looking for a blower info - shows a simple forge design with plans to build the blower. I'll think I just use firebrick on each end of the forge. When I start learning to heat treat I might buy an oven specific for it.
  2. Thanks Wayne the article on the burner is exactly what I need. I might even try making the ribbon burner.
  3. You could use a ball bearing and a press to flare the tube Me too - how do you cast a nozzle?
  4. This is constructed out of propane bottle?
  5. Thanks Frosty! I think I got most of it down and you've confirmed for me the lack of precision needed with a blown SYSTEM which if I'm learning might just be what the Smith ordered. Seems that you're suggesting the 3/4 will work for the burner nozzle for a blown system? And this would be wide open? not the typical 1/4 npt nipple with mig tip? If so that's really easy to make!
  6. Hi All, Absolutely new to the forum. I've been fooling with metal for years and have many tools for smithing including two anvils, post vise, swage block, and an assortment of tongs and hammers. I also have a pile of high carbon steel and have booked myself into a few classes. I've taken a few lessons too. I'm pretty much set on building my own forge and would like to go with a blown burner. Search hasn't netted me results yet other than this link http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/19623-forced-air-burner-design/#comment-202388 many other links appear to be broken. I'm building a Peot style forge http://www.spaco.org/Blacksmithing/PipeForge/PipeForgeAndPropane.htm Any advise on threads to read or things to avoid would be really welcome. I'm trying to figure out what parts to find for my burner including the parts needed for hook up to a tank. Here's a drawing of the forge design I'm considering: Thanks, John
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