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  1. So I'm wrapping up my little forge build and a friend had a type k pyrometer with a ceramic sheath he gave me. What I'm wondering is to use one of these things where is the best place to put it and mount it and how much needs to be exposed. I was thinking about putting a second hole some where on the shell and then welding a tube to work as a holder. hopefully these pics will show up and this will all make sense. So any tricks, tips or hints would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello out there. I'm about to get ready to start learning how to forge and I had a few questions. Id like to make the majority of my tools like tongs, hardy,ect. so my question is, is there a sort of universal tong I could get to start off, or is there something I could use in the mean time until i make my own.
  3. Well that was definitely very help full. Thank you. And I'm actually on beaver lake. But I am familiar with most that area
  4. What is a kiln wash I've seen people talking about it but I haven't been able to figure out what it actually is. And I'd love to be able to come by and check out your set up that would definitely help me understand all this stuff a lot better then reading and writing about it
  5. Cool thank you. I'll have to go check that place out when I get home. Now what about the ceramic blanket stuff kaowool I think it was called. What exactly does that stuff do or good for?
  6. Bummer the 19th is 4 days longer then I'll be home for. But I'm out in the big lake area. And I think I met pat. He's the one with Artic Fire and bronze? I went in there to ask a few questions on casting. I do have one question. What's the difference between soft and hard fire bricks I've looked them up and other then the obvious one is harder then the other I don't really understand the difference? And are they even worth using for a forge? What's the pros and cons of using bricks?
  7. Sorry about that I meant the rail not the tie. And I know what book your talking about I picked it up about a month ago it was what gave me the idea for using a rail And frosty that would be great if I could get the dates I'll be back home for a bit in March so hopefully it'll work out so I could go and any other contact stuff I'm sure would be very useful and appreciated
  8. So I've never used one of these forums before or been good at writing, so hopefully I do this right. I've always wanted to learn how to forge and cast metal. I've played around with casting aluminum a little bit with minimal success. But loads of fun. But when I get back home from work I want to start learning to forge. I have a general idea on what I want to build for a gas forge but no real good ideas on what to use to make it work well and I have a RR tie I'm going to try and make into a anvil. If there's anyone out there that could share some tips, tricks, and advice on materials,tools, techniques, ect. All would be greatly appreciated.