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  1. Mike, thank you for taking the time to research the forge I asked about. I appreciate the honest opinion! I will check out your website Wayne. Thank you! Thomas, unfortunately I will not be at quad-state.
  2. Thank you guys for the input. I appreciate it! Maybe I will look more into building a forge, if not for my first one, maybe as an upgrade at a later time. I will most certainly be back to pick your brains. I will check out your website Wayne. Thank you!
  3. Hi Everyone, Looking to buy my first gas forge. Making my own forge is just not something I want to take on at this time. I am planning on making knives. I was initially looking pretty hard at the Diamondback Ironworks Single Burner Knifemakers forge. I then came across Gizmo's Fabrications St. Helen's Inferno Forge. This particular forge has some options to choose from. One of which is burner placement. You can have it vertically or horizontally. In doing some research on this site, I found discussions on burners mounted vertically or on an angle (both of which still has the flam
  4. K-9JAX

    Post vise pick-up

    I am not tall. When I bought the vise, it was already mounted to the pedestal by its previous owner. Can I ask what you are noticing about the screw? It is most likely my inexperience, but I thought it appeared to be in decent shape. It opens and closes nicely.
  5. K-9JAX

    Post vise pick-up

    Hi everyone, I found this post leg vise on line. Drove out to see it in person and ended up buying it. Can’t find any name, logo or trademark on it, so I do not know who made it. It has 5 inch jaws and is mounted to the pedestal in the pics. The vise itself weighs around 65 - 70 lbs. I paid $125 for it. I believe the price was good, but I’d like some opinions on that. Regardless, I plan on putting it to good use. Also, if anyone can suggest a possible manufacturer, let me know. Not sure that the pics will do any good for identification purposes. Thanks in advance!
  6. That is probably what is left of the word Sheffield. As in Sheffield, England. You may have a Mousehole Anvil there. If you are looking straight on at the horn, on the left foot, can you see a serial number? Here is what the side of my Mousehole anvil looks like: See any markings like these? I only just learned this info my self about a week ago from some of the guys on here.
  7. By all means, use it for what you got it for. If it serves its purpose for you, it doesn't matter what it's made of or where it came from. I have seen lots of anvils with rust covering every inch of them that looked really nice after they were cleaned up. Take some of the suggestion Glenn gave you and see if you can find any markings that may be hidden. Looking forward to seeing some more pics of it.
  8. She's in rough shape. Looks like you also have damage by the hardy hole. Do you know how much it weighs? And can you take some pictures of the sides of the anvil. Also, look by the feet to see if a serial number is visible.
  9. John, thank you very much for that info. The word "England" is NOT present on the anvil. So it sounds like, with your info, I have an anvil produced between 1896 - 1902. Thank you!
  10. I looked after reading your post, and I did find the numbers 19319 on the left foot, and a number 1 on the right foot.
  11. Hi Frosty. The 3rd number is a 14 (not a 4, although the 1 in that number is hard to see in the pic). I have not used this anvil yet to know how well it will work. There is a decent rebound to it, but not much of a ring when struck. This anvil was found buried in a field almost 30 years ago. It had been buried for an undetermined amount of time. The person I bought it from said after he acquired it, he had it sandblasted to clean the rust off. He then painted it and mounted it to the stump in the photo. I have not yet removed it from that stump. When I start to use it, I will need to
  12. I recently purchased this Mousehole Anvil. If I am doing the math correctly, it should be 182 pounds. I am not certain of its age or what it is worth. I am located in Pennsylvania. I am attaching photos, so please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!!
  13. I am looking for my first anvil. I came across this 70 lb anvil in my area. The seller wants $450. Can you please advise if it is a good buy? I am looking to do light blacksmithing work and eventually some bladesmithing. Thank you in advance! The anvil is stamped SWEDEN
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