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  1. Bondo

    HB anvil

    How can I make it like new again it has a 16 of an inch crown inch crown ? It's not upward it's been used a lot. Someone on here told me there's a few hundredths of really hard iron on my face of my anvil if so I'm sure mine is gone how can I make it like new if that's possible ?
  2. Bondo

    HB anvil

    Thanks my braddah - I love it got it for 20$ in Kauai Hawaii. I work at a mechanic shop use it to shape body parts mostly but I want to build a forge. And make some real stuff some day. How can I make it like new again it has a 1/16th of an inch crown ?
  3. Bondo

    HB anvil

    It's beat big crown and divots every where pic not doing justice
  4. Bondo

    HB anvil

    I'll never sell it
  5. Would I drop my value on my h b anvil if I milled it flat ?
  6. Bondo

    Hay budden anvil

    Got a hay budden anvil and it's an 165 any ever see that size ?