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  1. Hello! Bought this hammer the other day. I've done a bunch of research, but have not been able to find a hammer that is similar. Hoping that someone can give me some more info on it! Has a stamp on the top (a vertical Venn diagram with letters, but I cannot make them out even with a pencil rubbing) and 42 stamped on the bottom (I'm assuming 42oz). Thank you everyone!
  2. Can anyone tell me more about my anvil. Its a Fulton 75lbs. I paid $225 for it a few months ago...how did I do? Thank you!
  3. Hello Everyone!! First time posting on the boards! I found this leg vise rusting away at a local fish restaurant and saved it for the price of $50 (is that a good deal?). Everything is rusted closed, but the threads appeared to still be in okay shape. If anyone can give some advice on how to get it back to working (electrolysis, wd-40, wire wheel?) or any sort of info. Will have some better pictures in the coming days. Thanks!