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  1. Dustin did you normalize after you forged? If not you can still. Reheat the blade to critical tempeture,still air cool, to black , reheat to a lower tempeture but still a red not orange, reheat to a cherry red then vermiculite, you should then be able to machine. Scott Each cycle requires to cool to black before reheating this is called thermocycling scot
  2. Scot there is a heat treat app for I phone and android it's a great tool. If your just starting out 1084 is a great steel. You can quench it in canola oil successfully. As far as water quench w1 w2. But I will say do your home work before beginning with w series steels as they are not as easy to work at first.American bladesmith. Society has all kinds of info that will help.make sparks! scott gallagher