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  1. You're right. Nothing I posted said it was worth a hoot for forging. That's because I don't know if it is or not. Many people I have talked to complain that it is hard to get coal for any pupose in my area, so when I stumbled on to this bit of info I figured I would share. They also carry anthracite in bags. I'm currently busy getting a gas forge running and have no place to put coal anyway, just thought someone could use the info.
  2. Almost forgot, the number to henrys is 540-465-5182.
  3. I know coal is sometimes hard to find in va, so I did some research. If your close to the northern Shenandoah valley Henrys coal yard in Strasburg sells bulk Bituminous coal in nut or stoker size. As of 6/4 at 14:00 the price was $310 a ton and very reasonable delivery. I hope this helps someone and if anyone knows of other places, please post them. Josh
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    I know what you mean, the 3/4" I taped so it was still tight to thread the lamp rod in and it doesnt move around at all. The 1" however I taped to far and if the locknut isn't tight the lamp rod will flop around a bit. I wonder if a reducer bushing instead of a bell reducer would creat less back pressure?
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    IT definately could be. I couldn't find a ward T local and was to impatient to wait for one. I used lamp rod so I could make fine adjustments. I enjoy tinkering with these things anyway, so even if I have to go back to the drawing board thats a good thing to. I'll try to post better pics and some specs for both burners.
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    I've been lurking for awhile, gathering info to build my first forge and wanted to post this to say thanks, to everyone for all the info and ideas that have been posted on IFI. I used 14 2300 insulating fire bricks for the entire forge, the top and bottom are pressed together with strap and allthread to make it easy to repair/replace bricks. You can't see the bottom but it is comprised of 5 bricks stood on there side to give more insulation for the table. I built 2 burners to go with it, a 1" side arm burner thats the one in the pics and a modified version of frosty's tee burner. I'll get some pics of the 3/4 burner running and specs for both burners posted up alittle later.