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  1. That's a good idea but I am not sure I will achieve the aesthetic qualities expected... You right I should spend more time drawing..I'll see what I can do....
  2. Thanks Frosty to go back to the core of my question, which was which material to use and eventual suppliers. What you describe here makes sense and is helping to solve some questions, some I was aware of and some, that are beyond my boundaries. Indeed it will endure severe weather condition such as lots of rain, sea salt breeze and wind of the north sea and it's going to have to be relatively child safe and vandal resistant. I also have a consideration for the surroundings, which is a public square hundreds of yard away, behind rows of building, from the sea shore... Yes, I would be more interested in technical issue, such as steel quality or the finish process, as you mentioned, such as patination. I called a British blacksmith this morning, recommended by the BBA, who just told me to get some low carbon steel, construction grade, the rest is too tough to work with. What I want to do with the rods as a starting point is to, in a way, is to weave them, in a quite simple movement, like a rope...to me it make sense, I don't want to reproduce a tree as it is with the bark on the trunk, it has to be quite suggestive or abstract...
  3. Hi, maybe I made it, a pic of my last work, not really fine work, brute work, that's what I have done of those rebars...
  4. Thanks, to be more precise, I will in a way recreate a tree, so it might be about at least 10n feet high, I will space around 12 rods on a circle at the base and will go up from there trying to bring a twisting movement as it goes up. The location is a public space, so for everyone... Sorry that's a bit sad but I don't know how to post a picture on this type of format...Not really the last generation student...more mid-! I am not sure I will be able to follow either about the type of steel as each country use their own code...I contacted this company this week but after conversation they started to snob me saying their produce was maybe to high-spec for me .http://www.smithmetal.com/products/catalogue.asp If anyone wants to check, I don't know if it's any good for me exept the copper, bronze, brass.
  5. Very nice, I have worked on a similar subect this year, thousand miles away from you, amazing..
  6. First Greetings to all as I am new to this forum, I have recently graduated from a fine art course here in England during which I used several time the forge to produce my artwork. First for me a great occasion to try myself to a specialist skill, then a way to get to a result intended as the college had sold their foundry, so it was the only way to go heavy metal. I now have been proposed to create an artwork for a town for which I first have to produce a quote. Once again, for time, reasons and practicality, I will use the forge to help me shapping the metal as desired. This is the reason why I found your forum and I might have to ask you a lot of question before I can relax! First of all, I am to produce a tree like shape, which will be outdour, I am wondering what type of grade of steel shall I work with, we used to work with constuction type rods like 30mm, 12mmm, 8mm, 6mm and nice little plates like 5x40x100 but now I am thinking I might need something that can weather a bit better than that or that can take a nice finish...I, off course, also have to be cost effective...... So that's my first question and would need suggestion... Secondly...my second question Is: Can anyone suggest me a good supplier, here in South East England(Kent) or one that can deliver around the country? I think I will need predominantly some 30mm rods and then smaller size.. Thank you in advance.
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