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    Show me your vise

    Don't know much about it. The Gunter brother's set me up with it. Pretty awesome! Needs a new screw to replace the broken one it has. Right now it works well, but I would like it to be able to open all the way.
  2. I really like those sconce, John. I will definitely be working your technique on a wider material as well.
  3. Thanks John! I agree that the material dimensions are not ideal. It is the center of an ornamental door knocker and it will have 4 more split s scrolls surrounding this. It all has to fit within approximately 3"x7" space. The L is a part of the frame. I have to make two. I should have a go at forging a few more tomorrow. Will post more on what works and what doesn't. Thanks again! Bill
  4. Awesome thread! This helped me win a contract yesterday. I used 3/8 x 1/2. The center tip cooled to quickly to forge alone and kept breaking the center off. I ended up using the hot cut technique that John describes, but only 2 cuts to separate the three points. I forged a taper with all three still together. Then I necked down just below the cuts as suggested(not enough). I had to upset the center to keep it from thinning out too much. Now that I've done this I have some ideas I'm going to put in the fire to see if I can make it look even better, since I'm not 100% satisfied with the results yet. (will I ever be? probably not.) Happy forging!
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