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  1. I've come across a few topics and threads that have a list of required parts for a press build and the odd one where press drawings were at one time posted but since deleted.......

    Im not set on any press in particular yet, many designs out there, more less looking for dimensions and measurements of already ones built if available.....

    maybe someone has kept there drawings or sketches from their build and wouldnt mind posting......thx  

  2. leaning on this 6'' bore 10'' stroke 2'' rod cylinder for a press build.......

    pic and specs below........recommendations on hydraulic pump , min electric motor will be 5HP , 7.5HP if required......3450

    6 in. Bore x 10 in. Stroke Hydraulic Press Cylinder



    • Use to build up to a 50 ton shop press  

    Weight & Package Dimensions

    • Weight (lbs) 107.52
    • Package (L x W x H) 24.3 x 7.2 x 7.5 in.

    Attributes & Specifications

    Max. Continuous Pressure 3,600  PSI
    Bore Diameter 6  in.
    Stroke Length 10  in.
    Rod Diameter 2  in.
    Port Size 6  ORBF
    Pinhole Diameter 1-1/4  in.
    Base Pin Eye Width 6-5/8  in.
    Force at Maximum Pressure 101,736  PSI


  3. look like it'll work just fine , good job, nice thing about knife making is your options are endless and so are designs...........

    you'll always get opinions , to wide to big to fat to small to long to short........so just make what you like and what feels good to you.....forge on !  good work !     

  4. I'm definitely on board with keeping both , make beautiful things on them, sell them , there's your money back and you still have 2 awesome anvils........you'll be extremely hard pressed to find them again , both in great shape , I keep telling myself that every anvil has its own purpose , I need to maybe stop thinking that way........running out of room :P 

    my recent acquisition a 164lb Mouse......didn't need it but I definitely had to have it !!  


  5. I found one at a 'ol maker's garage sale..........bought it for $50 , love it

    to use a jig or not doesn't make you a better or less a knifemaker, I do both , its an aid like a 2x72 grinder or an digital oven or a mill or.........

    love the results , once set up made a dozen of these in about 1/2 hour........





  6. apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section....

    I have seen a few similar rolling mills posted here and there,..... while seeking a press I came across this the other day

    so, wondering from the experts if this would be suitable......

    frwd/reverse , approx 1-1/2'' height travel ( may be able to increase) will allow 3-1/2'' wide billet , 110V Baldor power 3/4 HP 1725 rpm 

    I know a very vague question but any idea what the value of this may be ? I have no idea......any info / input appreciated     



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