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  1. I found the show on netflix and watched it a number of times. It was very inspirational, and amazing to see all the traditional methods. Truly masterful! Thank you Ric!
  2. Thanks, I'm thinking of refining it a bit and selling 6 piece sets.
  3. Hey, could someone here give me some info on the sun aka gotland spirals? I've scoured the net looking for the history of them an all I found is that they exist. I have a couple at a local shop for sale but I'd like to make some cards explaining what they are.
  4. Was -46c with wind chill here in beautiful (cough, wink) manitoba earlier today...haven't been out to my shop in almost a month. :(
  5. Hi all, thought I'd share the butter knife I made up to go with my girlfriends jam for a Christmas gift. It's forged from mild steel 3/8 square stock. Then hand filed/sanded and finally heat coloured to a pale gold and seasoned with vegetable oil.
  6. Thanks, I am definitely going to make more of these considering my smithy's name is Dead Horse Forge lol. @Nick - I finished it with raw beeswax from my niece's honey farm.
  7. I actually did have it up for sale but had a change of heart and am getting my friend to make a pipe for me to go with it!
  8. Hey just thought I'd share my first attempt at forging a horse head. I made this little pipe tamper from 3/8 sq. stock.
  9. Well the chimney is up and works pretty well. It's not talk enough to get really good draw but it'll do for now.
  10. Thanks for the advise everyone, I'll update when I get out there to put the chimney up.
  11. Yeah when I build in town it'll definitely have doors and locks lol. It might be a moot point because we're considering a move to the country now. *fingers crossed
  12. Does anyone have some thoughts on how to seal around a chimney going through a corrugated roof? Would high temp silicone do the job for now?
  13. Didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted, but I got the hood put up. I grabbed a 55gal drum from work and cut it out then attached it to the walls with a couple of brackets thrown together out of scrap.
  14. Thanks everyone @ Glenn - never would have thought of piping outside air to the blower, great idea!