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  2. First time for me too. Great People, Great time. Bought coal off of Steve (Matchless) and used it today works alot better then coke from the side of the rail road tracks. Next year I'm camping for the weekend to much fun to miss. We do not condone criminal activity here, It is a federal offence to steal from the RR tracks. you have been warned.
  3. Check out this Dienelt and Eisenhardt 50 pound mechanical power hammer.Search craigslist mansflield Ohio.
  4. I just got a 120# Hay budden. It has at least 85 to 90% bounce with a ball bearing very nice anvils. It has the serial numbers on the front also.I post the hardie that came with it in tool id. Paid $480.00 for everthing.
  5. Anybody know these makers marks. There's only 3 of them with marks on them.Found them at an Antique shop someone had just brought them in.$480.00 for the hardies,120# haybudden w/ good face and 12 pair of homemade tongs.
  6. That's what im going to use them for.Once you start smithing your always looking for the right angle.Thanks for the info
  7. I just bought these at an auction.I'm not sure what their used for.I paid $20.00 for the pair.
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