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    My family and my dogs! Woodworking, woodturning, leather working, metal working, guns, knives, motorcycles, classic cars and trucks, modified of course and now....Blacksmithing!

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  1. McMaster Carr has 1018 in 6 foot lengths of 1/4" x 1/4" for just over a buck a foot if that helps...
  2. That came out pretty slick! I am going to steel this one! If'n ya don't mind that is.
  3. So I plan on building a forge with the 10 gauge steel duct in the photo and either a brake drum fire pot or a 70's vintage cast iron hibachi grill fire pot. I currently have a potbelly stove in the corner of my shop that I don't use as it is too small to heat my shop. Could I use the stack from my potbelly stove to chimney my forge? It is 6" round to double wall out.
  4. ​My idler and drive wheels are about 3" wide. Only the platen wheels are 2" wide.
  5. Thanks Guys! now if it would only warm up to above 10 degrees in my shop so I can try it out....
  6. It will probably be short lived as I work out the kinks, I will probably move toward an Aluminum frame as the design works out, but yes, my thought was to make some "mud flaps" so to speak to curtail; any unwanted flames. I have also set a few shirts on fire. Thank you Sir!
  7. I am new here, but thought I would share this... I rarely like to just buy something to try something out and as you all know a 2 x 72 belt grinder is not inexpensive. I watched a million videos and came across a guy from Canada that developed some plans for a grinder built from wood. If you search 2 x 72 belt grinder on youtube you will find him. I purchased his plans and directed them to modify to my own taste. His plans utilized MDF for all the wheels and I wanted a little more precision from mine so I purchased a drive wheel and tension wheel from Beaumont Metal Works. My wheels for the flat platen are longboard skateboard wheels. Since I had to buy four I made a second attachment for a slack belt. I got a decent 1 HP motor from a friend running three step pulleys and added a switch and a rolling cart under it. The photos here are of it raw wood. once it gets above 15 degrees in my shop I will paint it with a decent paint to prevent movement and hopefully "fire" proof it. Having used it for a little bit, I will say it is smooth as silk and sturdy, but having said that if the bug really bites me I will be getting a KMG. I only have about $350 into this one including an assortment of belts, so it doesn't owe me much. I would be happy to share any information and get detailed photos for anyone who is interested.
  8. Hello everyone, I haven't even lurked on this site and just joined tonight. I am an avid woodworker, making everything from furniture to art pieces to musical instruments. I am currently "making" knives by buying blades and adding a handle, but I can't call myself a knife maker until I forge my own blades. I have built a couple custom motorcycles, and am working on a '61 Ford Unibody now. I am a facilities director for a prestigious girl's school for my career, but find my fulfillment in my hobbies. I am looking forward to learning new things from all of you and developing another hobby I can create art with.
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