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  1. Good news I finally 'fixed' it. I took it totally apart, cleaned it, then put it back together and it works perfectly. It was actually my grandfather's vise that's now my Dad's but he is letting me borrow it when I need it.
  2. Hi, I got an old Columbian, weighs around 30 pounds, that's jammed. I was trying to measure the jaw width so I opened it as far as it could go and lo and behold it is now stuck. All my Dad knows is that at some point a screw fell out but he does not know where the screw is. I have tried lubricating all around it but it is stuck tight. I was wondering if any of you experts had any ideas on how to fix it.
  3. Is there anybody in Hendersonville NC who would be willing to give me some pointers on blacksmithing and show me their shop? I am in Hendersonville for a little while and would like to meet with someone who can give me some pointers on (1) how they built their shop (2) how they situated everything and (3) some ways they get scrap metal. There isn't a lot of junkyards where I live, so I would like to find out some of the best ways to accumulate scrap metal.
  4. It looks good, although you might want to look at different ways you can open the high windows without using a ladder, which might take up space which can be used more efficiently. Other than that it looks great.
  5. you can make coal/charcoal if you have a resealable drum, metal pipe, and some wood. you just gotta put a hole big enough to put the pipe through it, put the pipe so that it is in halfway in the barrel, put wood in their, start her up and wait about 24 hours or until it burns out, bust up the bigger chunks of wood with a sledgehammer, and you got some passable coal/charcoal.
  6. Hi, I am starting out and I need advice on what size anvil I should get. I have a small 15 pounder and a railroad track that I am eventually going to make into an anvil once I get a torch. In the meantime what is the best size/weight for a beginner blacksmith?
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