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    44 years old, married & make knives
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  1. Wim has confirmed a hammer-in 28 February in Akasia, Pretoria. See you guys there! Hylton
  2. Alaska is on my to-visit list. We never see snow here in Johannesburg, South africa! Edited my profile, thanks for the tip Hylton
  3. Hi Herman. I will definiteley pop-out to you next week or the week after? regards Hylton
  4. Hi Guys. I am a bladesmith trading under the name Rutherford Forge. I am looking at extending my range to include something else other than knives and I enjoy hammering metal, but the knife market is a bit limited. If anyone has any demo's or is based close to me (Johannesburg Northgate) I would appreciate getting together to learn from you smithy experts out there. I am also on the lookout for a bigger anvil -100kg. regards Hylton
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