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  1. If you dont mind driving I would recommend Texas Farrier Supply. The address is 603 New hope Rd. South, Kennedale,Texas 76060. Phone# 1-800-777-2725. I have $360/Ton written down by there info, but I would call for prices as Im sure they have gone up. They are located about 220 miles West of Shreveport, South of Ft. Worth, Texas. You'll have to call a day or so ahead of time so they can bag up the amount you want. They also carry a lot of other supplies so leave early enough to have time to look around. P.S. I live in Doyline, Louisiana just 20 or so miles South East of Shreveport, so Im having the same issues with not being able to find any Blacksmiths in North Louisiana to learn from.. I wish I had better news.