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  1. Buddy is great if you are nearby, but he is just a bit to far for me. Id also be on the look out for good bulk order but again its the shipping that kills you. Good thing I'll be back in Virginia soon, but Im not sure if I'll be able to find a place to work.
  2. I've got a book "A Blacksmithing Primer" and I have 4 more on the way "New Edge of the Anvil" "The Backyard Blacksmith" "Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking" and "The complete Bladesmith". I've also been trying to read through all the sites and forums. Somehow I missed a propper description of clinker and couldn't find it from my phone. Thanks for the welcome, I may come to the meetings one day if I get a chance.. This is a great method, thanks for the tip. I'm definitely doing this from now on. I think adding the coal for the smoke effect really helps, at least for me so I know its working. Thats a great picture, probably the most descriptive thing I've seen.
  3. I ended up finding coal outside of bossier at Emerson Horseshoe Supply. I only found them because Buddy (sells coal in south LA) referred me to them. It was $34/50#s but that seems fair due to availability.
  4. Wow thanks for all the great tips guys. I ended up using charcoal to light the coke. So when the coal bubbles up it becomes coke. Should I crush the coke to normal size or leave it bulbous? I've been crushing it Also george m, I love your signature
  5. I've read a lot but just feel unsure right now, and I'm at the fire on my phone so I'm not searching the forums, sorry for that. So clinker isn't the grey stuff that feels lighter and has lots of holes?
  6. Hey guys, I found a coal supplier near me so I switched from charcoal to coal but I'm having a little trouble. The first fire I lit when great with green coal, but now in trying to relight it as we speak and it won't take. Could it be I have to much clinker? If I'm identifying it right I have tons even though I only ran the fire for an hour. So my questions are: How do I relight the fire? How best to identify clinker? And why do big lumps of coal congeal and get bubbly?
  7. Thank you haha. Why are all you Louisiana Blacksmiths in south LA, come up to Shreveport so I can get some help haha
  8. Haha that was quick, thanks
  9. I'm currently using charcoal and it works well enough. How do I go about buying from Glen? I'm sure I'll find it once I look around but I'm on my phone And I'd love to go down to the meet in Covington but I'm only in Louisiana till the 17th before I head to Virginia
  10. Also could I get any comments on this forge mock up I am doing The dimensions are 24" long x 8" wide base (12" wide top) x 3" deep The idea is that the circle hole will have a cover on it with small holes, thats where I will do most of my work. But when I need access to a long heat I can switch the airflow to the slots. So comments? Suggestions? And to give credit where credits is due, I got this shape and idea based off of Dan Brazzel, aka ModernBlacksmith
  11. Hey there, I'm new to blacksmithing (started about three days ago) I am in Shreveport Louisiana and was wondering if anyone know where I could get some coal. I can order it online for $20/50#'s but I was wondering if I could find a place I could drive too. I am willing to drive a few hours and am looking to get a couple hundred pounds. I saw some other posts from people in LA but they were in baton rouge and I don't plan on going that far, I've got smithing to do haha. Well thanks for the help, I'll probably be needing lots of it as I go down this path