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  1. Excellent! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. For now, I settled with adding a 3/4" reducing adapter on the 1" tee... I know, I know.. it's not what the plans call for but I figured I'll run an experiment while I scour the internet for the right parts. Cheers,
  2. Greetings! After years of dreaming of swinging a hammer on hot steel, I've finally decided to start the journey. I'm planning on making a one burner forge using Frosty's T-Burner design. I shopped around at all of my local hardware shops and found almost everything I needed... Except the 1"x1"x3/4" tee. It's like a unicorn. Even the industrial shops turn me away since I do not have a business account with them.. My question is this.. Has anyone else from Canada had issues sourcing black iron pipe fittings? If yes, how did you work around it? I feel silly asking such a no
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