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  1. Jim, just who did you contact as the "Head of ABANA", this is the first I have heard on this discussion. Don't be shy man, name names! This idea is a good one, are there any volunteers? Myself, I have been working on getting the archives of the Anvil's Ring scanned and those of you who are ABANA members may have received the CD.............free as a way to say "Thanks" for renewing your membership. All of these great ideas take time for some poor volunteer to do in their spare time, while their day to day "real life" continues going on.......such as trying to make bread and milk appear in
  2. The Bi-annual Conference for the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA) will kick-off on June 2 and continue thru June 5, 2010 at the AgriCenter International in Memphis, Tennessee. More than 1,000 professionals, amateurs, and artists will gather for this unique event offering active involvement and exposure to blacksmithing skills. This premiere conference will host artist demonstrators from the U.S. such as Dan Boone, who will demonstrate making his products, including his signature candlesticks with dragon head accents; Darryl Nelson will demonstrate the techniques o
  3. Rome.Hutchings


    BAM Conference sign, heat colored and installed in the bottom of Andrews frame
  4. Rome.Hutchings


    Area arount the face prior to applying the base coat
  5. Rome.Hutchings


    The table area prior to applying the base coat
  6. Rome.Hutchings


    Base coat has now been buffed down and the excess removed leaving highlights and the color in now just a suggestion of the color of the Statue of Liberty
  7. Rome.Hutchings


    Comparision of the tourch before the finish base coat is applied
  8. Rome.Hutchings


    Parts of the finish base coat
  9. Rome.Hutchings


    Parts of the finish base coat
  10. Rome.Hutchings


    Finish base coat is on. Guilders Paste mixed with turpentine, paste wax and japan dryer. The color was achived by mixing three of the Guilders Paste for match the actual color of the Statue of Liberty. Then the color mix was thinned until it was transparent when applied. The next phase of the finish is shown in the other pictures and on the final images
  11. Finished BAM Ring Project, Frame, Ms Liberty and the Glass Flames in the Tourch
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