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  1. Most guys I've talked to use a motor and fan off of a pellet stove for the blower and you can add a reostat to control your air flow. Most pellet stove outlets have used motors for $25-50.
  2. Anyone know if a person can use clay as insulation in a blown forge rather than Kaowool?
  3. I'm gathering parts and pieces to build a power hammer of my own and was thinking of using a chunk of railroad track for the dies. I looked at another hammer that used that very thing.
  4. You might be able to find an old table saw with a good motor. I picked one up for $25 with a 1 hp motor.
  5. Whats the trick to putting pics on here? The only option I see I for URL links.
  6. I like your work! Inventive to say the least. I do a bit of the same in a sense. Everything I build is made from scrap.
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