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  1. Any time I have started a project with file steel I have put the file in the oven as high as possible heat, 450' and let it heat for a couple hours. I don't know if it is of value but it does soften it up some before start working it. This is a great article, thanks
  2. I did water quench I piece of this steel before starting on the knife. It got really brittle hard, but not like a file. It would not scratch with a file, but did not shatter like quenched file steel.
  3. The knife has some hammer marks, but it will make a good hunter. I raised it to bright red heat and oil quenched. I "soaked" in oven heat of 425 degrees for 1.5 hrs and cooled in water. I then heated the back of blade to blue on electric stove and let the edge remain cool with no color run.
  4. FYI. I abandoned the idea of anti freeze and used cooking corn oil to quench the knife I'm working on.
  5. I dug the race out of the drive way of a local gin. It could be 50+ years old. I did water quench test. It got very hard, but not brittle.
  6. I hope to get harder quench witout the stress of a water quench. The steel is unknown scrap steel. It is a bearing race forged into a knife
  7. Can antifreeze be used as a quenching fluid?
  8. I noticed some old wagon rims at a local antique store. I have not looked at them up close but was wondering how to detect wrought iron over mild modern iron. Is wrought iron good or better as a forge material.
  9. Warpig, How does the heat affect the chiminea? I have thought of having one in iron.
  10. My $10.00 vice that a welder put a piece of sucker rod for a leg. Have had it for 30 years.
  11. My forge set up under my carport. first time to have it set up to use on a few years. My wife's grandfathers forge and my great-grandfather's anvil.
  12. thanks for the replies. Stormcrow that is beautiful work.
  13. Any one here ever forge garden tools. I would like to forge garden hoe ?
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