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  1. thank you every one
  2. I am lost . I can not find a reference section . can you point me towards it please .
  3. Chance

    Wolf tooth seax

    May I ask what steels were used in this tool of beauty .
  4. No no thank you for what you have past on to me I have looked around maybe not enough yet have did lots or reading . I am sure it is on here and I have just missed it . I am looking to use soft steel in the center that will contrast . I will do some more searching and reading on here and maybe just go waist some time and coal and see what happens . worst that can happen is it fails and I learn something . again thank you
  5. can you give me a good suggestion on what to use for the inside of the spear head .
  6. I often do just go grab a handle or dowel that fits the bill . This time I am doing it as old school as I can forging with charcoal I made .Pattern welded head from scrapes . If all of this works out then near the end of the coming summer i will try to smelt my own iron the way the Vikings did.
  7. OK to lay it out I have forged welded 5160 bits to mild steel for more then a few axe heads and blade edges . I also made a billet of lumber band some kind of saw blade and some kind of wire in to a random twist for a friend to do stock removal dagger looked fine . Question is rail spike mild steel rebar (sucker rod i think) what would look good together for a spear head . There will be a 5160 or some other decent blade edge steel around it . blade will be 12 to 16 inch plus the socket so 20 t0 30 overall. just after thoughts before I do something to silly . Think I found an ash tree to split for shafts .
  8. yes winter is best I agree .that is why it is time for me to get out there and chop what I need . 6 feet is a little short for what I am after but could do if need be.
  9. Not sure there are any roots long and straight around here . Rocks right under every where you put your shovel . I guess you can work them straight with heat the same as any green wood .
  10. I think there are a few ash tree out there not sure what type though . oak maple and not sure of the other things out there . I will likely have to split it out what ever I use. thanks for the imput
  11. lol funny that is what I thought I would get for an answer . From what I can find there is no real prof of one more then the other . common sense would suggest what ever was handy in a suitable type of wood at the time of need.
  12. I an trying to make a Viking like spear. The shaft is where I am stuck in the past I just went to a big box and picked up dowel. this time I am going in to the bush and chopping down what I need. I had in my head that the Vikings would split it out of a log and work it round . now I see people saying use a sapling . any one out there have a idea how Vikings did it . the plan is that this year is to forge a pattern welded head as well then maybe even do my own smelting . yes I am even using hand forged axes to do the chopping .
  13. Chance

    War Hammer......

    axe all the way . nice job battle hammer would be my next choice .
  14. Chance

    need some axe help

    the rubber is glued on the heat may soften it up and let you pull it of .