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  1. I cold twist 3/8" Square Hot Roll stock 10 feet at a time. This gives an even twist the whole length. Cold roll doens't twist evenly. The tool is a large Tap holder.
  2. This is my shop at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Cleburne, Texas. It was clean when this was taken.
  3. Texas Farrier Supply Texas 603 S. New Hope Road Kennedale, Texas Toll Free (800) 777-2725 $12.00 per 50 lb bag, as of 10/10/08
  4. Howdy, I'm sam "Sleepin Bear" Keller. I'm from Cleburne, Texas and have been smithing for ever, it seems like. Had my first whiff of coal smoke in 1955, and have dabbled with it ever since. Got sort of serious about it in 1998, and started Sleepingbear Forge, catering to the Rendezvous groups in North Texas. Some years I do as many as 28 shows and rendezvous' a year. I do several public appearences each year, Traders Village (Grand Prarie, Tesas) "Mountain Man Weekend, Fort Parker's "Christmas at The Fort", and have traveled as far North as Kansas, and south to Houston.