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  1. jake3330

    Me after a long day of smithing

    I see you were safety glasses ha ha
  2. jake3330

    does damascus always do this??

    ok 1 its made of bandsaw blades and pallet strapping and 2 it doesnt have a hole in it because i was trying to sharpen it at the time and tried heating it up to make it easier because it was pretty hard. I thought i annealed it properly but apparently i didnt. anyway i heated it up and then it looked like that and i thought it was pretty cool because i thought only timascus did that. This is what it looks like now.
  3. hey just wondering first of all if damascus steel always tempers differently like this and what u think of the start to my first folder thanks
  4. jake3330

    A few new blades

    wow that is amazing great work what do you use to etch?
  5. jake3330

    Massachusetts appreticeship

    thanks i will look into that
  6. jake3330

    Massachusetts appreticeship

    Hello, I have been trying to make blades for about 5 or 6 months now and look to further my skills i live in Winchendon Massachusetts and was hoping to find someone i could be an apprentice to. I am 16 and i can weld also. I am familiar with the basic forging techniques. I am willing and used to working hard and eager to learn more about this fantastic trade. Thanks, Jake Demont
  7. jake3330

    recycled steels to use for forge welding

    this is how most kids my age talk i think u can handle it were u trying to insult me or something? just asking because ur not very good at it
  8. jake3330

    recycled steels to use for forge welding

    hey its strapping is so easy to weld up and its hardenable and it etches dark grey pretty good steal for stuff people just throw away im gunna use that and o1 on my first damascus cause i realized 01 etches jet black o this is the piece of strapping i tested for etching
  9. jake3330

    First try at timing chain damascus

    wow thats intense stuff
  10. jake3330

    improvised clay for hardening

    i tried mixing some wood ash from the fire place water and some modeling clay and it worked ok however i didnt allow for it to dry does it work better that way? and does anyone else think that Japaneses bladesmiths make putting on clay in a nice pattern easy ha ha i tried it and it was way harder than i thought it would be anyway thanks jake
  11. jake3330

    makers mark

    well i have been forging knifes for 5 or 6 months now and im trying to make up a design to put on my knives any ideas? thanks Jake Demont
  12. jake3330

    Blown Forge VS. Atmospheric

    with blown u use alot less gas but im pretty sure forge welding is easier with less air beacause it contaminates the weld area so its up to u
  13. jake3330

    First try at timing chain damascus

    y is the bar red like that? is it the stuff u used to etch it?
  14. jake3330

    Coca cola anyone?

    like this whipped off left right is the coating