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  1. kevinwright


    I love robots
  2. kevinwright


    I really like this
  3. kevinwright

    First Rose

    Yep looks real good . I love to make roses .
  4. kevinwright

    Steel repousse Flower

    That would make a neat ash tray .looks really nice so far
  5. kevinwright

    My First Attempt at a ROSE

    People always like roses . They sell very nicely .good job
  6. Yep always were my safty glasses .I like my eyes to much not too
  7. kevinwright

    Belt buckle I made

    it weighs 1/2 pound or more .I made it from 1/8 steel
  8. I really had fun that day .well every day of smithing is fun
  9. I was forging some 3/4 inch solid bar for some hand rail .had a very hot fire lots of wind blowing in my face .And nasty large lump coal .I hate to use that stuff but it was all we had at work that day