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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. Whether I end up with coal or gas, it will be on a moveable cart so could be wheeled to the outside. Meanwhile I've got some homework to do. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Frosty, Thanks for your comments. I will look into adding some sort of hood with powered exhaust. Since already have vent pipe through the roof hopefully it won't be too bad to rig up. I'll be researching the forums and explore building my own gas forge. A commercial one is a possibility but it may be interesting to try put one together myself and save a few dollars. I haven't given up completely on coal in addition to gas. But it will have to be on a moveable cart I can wheel out the garage back door. I did pick up a Champion 400 this week that cleaned up pretty good and turns smoothly. It is lacking the mounting bracket that clamps onto the blower, tripod mounting block and legs but still is a start down that path. Thanks Again Dave
  3. First time posting though been looking at the forums for a little while. I appreciate the know-how and sharing of information on this site. I am a retired foundry metallurgist living near Boone Iowa. Just getting started in forging as a hobby, taken a couple of courses in beginning blacksmithing and been slowly acquiring some equipment. My interest is in ornamental type work and whatever may come up that interests me. Turning attention now to a forge and requesting some advice. I would prefer coal as it is what I’ve used in class, like the control and even like the smell (being an old iron foundryman); and I have a readily available source of Pocahontas bituminous close by. But, I’m thinking coal is not a good choice for an attached garage. Therefore considering gas and would appreciate any comments about ventilation considerations for a propane two burner forge for my situation. I have two attached garages; one in front of the house and one to the side in an 'L’ configuration. The front one is where the garage entry to the house is so the entrance to the living area is around the corner from where the forge will be located. Both garages are about 25' wide x 36' deep with 13' high ceilings. There is an open indoor passageway between the garages of about 6’ wide by 8’ tall. So there is about a 5 foot header separating the two garages hopefully blocking some combustion gases migrating from one garage to the other. Each has a Garage door 18' wide by 11' tall. I have two man doors and one 4' x 5' window in the side garage where the forge will be. Both garages are insulated, well sealed from air infiltration and drywalled. The side garage was prepped for a propane heater so has a propane line already run from an exterior 1000 gallon tank. There is also a 4” vent pipe installed through the roof for a future heater install. Please comment on any special ventilation requirements I should consider. Thanks Dave
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