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How much does it weigh, Phil?  Take a bunch of pictures of it from all  four sides and it'll make it easier to identify.  Good lookin' anvil.


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Whew, 287 pounds?  Looks to be in really great shape.  From the pictures, I can't see any manufacturer's markings.  Can you not find any?

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I reckoned 287, and yes looks good. Unfortunately I can't pick it up until next week, so I don't have any chance to have a better look until I do. The stamp on the side says "warranted 76" 

It was cheap for an anvil over here so I had to take the plunge on faith or it would have gone.

just done the conversion - 275 USD so less than a dollar a pound :)

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if you will re-read the instructions for new members to the forum you'll find it asks for your location.  That not only helps us, but it also alerts someone who might live in your area who can help you directly.  After all, we don't know where "over here" is.  "Less than a dollar a pound" is incredulous.  You made a fantastic deal, to say the least.  I've been hoping for a gift from the anvil gods to drop into my lap like that one.  Once again, I extend my congratulations.


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You needn't put your exact location in your profile, but a general locale is helpful in answering many questions. I put northern Kentucky as my locale. Like Chris said, you may be surprised to find out that a member or members live within visiting distance and might be able to offer some help or just hang out and talk shop.


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Yup.............we're not trying to pry.  I just use "In the Woods of Central Oklahoma as my location.  Of course, if you tell me your exact address, that beautiful anvil might just disappear some night.       :lol::lol::ph34r: (that's a joke!)


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Odd - I have put my exact location on my profile so I wonder why it doesn't show. I'm in the UK, right by the town of Luton. But the anvil is further up north from me. I'll pick it up on Friday . Looking forward to it :)

Over here that is about a quarter f what they will usually go for.

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It'll show up on the forum, Phil.  They don't show up here in the gallery.  Think I'm as anxious to see more pics of it as you are to pick it up. :lol:

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OK, got this home today, it is a brute - 2-2-17 not 2-2-7. so actually 297 lbs. But otherwise seems in good condition.

I have wire brushed off the area above the "Warrantied" stamp and there is another word/name there. At a guess it says "Birmingham" but it is very indistinct.

Anyone got any ideas how I could make the impression more readable. I have tried chalk rubbing, but it doesn't help much. 

I will post a couple of pictures of the cleaned up areas.


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The Warranted Number (76) appears to have been used by the 'Salford B (Lancashire Co)' warranty authority between 1879 and 31/3/1974. So presumably ably the anvil dates to sometime between these dates.

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