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Gas forges chat mar 06,09

Steve Sells

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Fron Friday knife chat, March 6, 2009
[steve sells] its funny 2 of the kids that are always asking about knives are now in the main chat, and they don't show up here either LOL
[LDW] I just built a propane forge to use for hardening
[garey] i have bewen working on a shobu. finger sanding the o-kissaki. slow going. :)
[markb] LDW what type of temp control
[LDW] I have an infra red gun that will read up to 1850 degrees
[markb] what brand?
[LDW] 1 I do not have a temp control I have always used coal
[steve sells] : LDW you do have a control, the same one smiths have always used our MIND
[garey] i go by gas PSI.
[LDW] I got it at tooltopia its outside in my shed
[steve sells] combined with eyes for color and that temp gun you have a better set up than early bladesmiths
[markb] magic
[garey] use a big magnet:)
[steve sells] I have noticed with the walls I now have I am loosing less metal to scale with my forge welding, I assume I must have been over heating a lot outside, due to color variances...
[LDW] I have to pull the steel out to get a reading, I have been using a magnet for the last 8 years
[markb] what about temper temp?
[LDW] then decided I needed to be at about 1550 degrees, and had to guess the next 135 or so degrees
[steve sells] but that temp gun still helps cause you know you are close, and wont have much farther
[garey] if it wont stick to a magnet its hot enough to quench to harden
[markb] Seems to be a division low tech vs. hi tech
[LDW] but my brother got a dern hardness tester and I feel like I am starting over
[markb] What kind of tester LDW, Rockwell?
[LDW] Its a hand held that tests for rockwell
[garey] i have a harbour freight temp gun that works good. but still use the magnet.
[LDW] I do not know exactly what you call it
[markb] I've seen them on ebay?
[LDW] Ricardo has it,
[steve sells] how accurate is th HF temp gun ?
[markb] Interested in a rockwell myself but need education
[steve sells] files are $125 a set cover Hrc 40 to 65 IIRC the machine is 1600 last I checked
[LDW] here is the one I got Mastercool (MSC52225B)
[garey] i dont realy know Steve. havent figured a way to check it yet.
[LDW] garey I just verified critical temp at about 1416 degrees and it seemed close
[garey] i havent used the gun very much. was a B-day present from wife & son
[steve sells] but ya had to guess tha last 135F? to get to 1550 ?
[LDW] but if you point inside the flame is higher than that, how do you determine temp in your gasser
[LDW] 95 percent of my knives are cable and I hate using propane for welding cable
[garey] WAG ! wild xxxx guess
[steve sells] I have not got mine lined yet, the shop build got in the way, I use a friends gasser, mainly I use coal forge
[LDW] this will all be new for me
[steve sells] I use color, and a magnet. I will be putting PID control on the 4 burner after I get it lined.
[LDW] I welded up a cable knife at Terry Vandeventers a couple years ago in his propane forge and hits a bigger area than I like heated when welding.
[garey] Terry the Snake DR? :)
[LDW] yeah
[steve sells] so I decided I want my own gasser for stuff like rolling out stock in the mill.
[Cool Hand] Can you safely make a gasser from a turkey smoker and firebrick?
[steve sells] a lot of fire brick forges :) my first gasser I used was a pile of bricks and a 3/4 side arm burner. as for smoker? I don't know. but if ya line it for forging it won be a good smoker any longer
[Cool Hand] is there a decent bp to discuss making a first one?
[Cool Hand] I used the wrong word, I shoulda said fryer, can I just used the burner on my fryer as a heat source
[steve sells] I dont know...
[Cool Hand] too long of a week to speak clearly.....lol
[steve sells] what I do know is a forge burner is about 200,000 BTU most fryers are 65,000
[Cool Hand] that answers my question quite effectively, thank you. I will, I wasn't aware the temp of the average gasser
[steve sells] 2,500F is plenty, but post in the forum, I don't know much about gas forges. really. Frosty is one what seems to know a lot, and I am positive there are others too
[Cool Hand] pm: will do
[garey] BP # 192 gas forge
[Cool Hand] thank you Garey
[steve sells] garey is da MAN
[LDW] Steve, I think ther is something like 95000 btu per hour in a gallon of propane.

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