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Recently found this place and joined as I am ever searching knowledge. I really don't know what to say about myself.

I've been playing with forge and fire as time and $$ permit for a couple of years. Don't have much to show other than some failures and a few knives.

I currently am in the wichita area of kansas and try to make my living as a trim carpenter.

Other areas of interest include SCUBA, woodcrafting, needlepoint, music. That's what entered my mind right now but is by no means exclusive.

Feel free to ask me anything but i reserve the right not to answer. (BTW it is nearly impossible to offend me)

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Son of Bluegrass, welcome to this forum, it's a good one and I've learned a lot here. If you're interested in joining a blacksmithing group, the Great Plains Blacksmith Association is based in Haysville. They're a good group. They meet the first Saturday of the month. If you need more info, let me know, or you can find their website at http://GPBA.ABANA-chapter.com. I live north of Hutchinson.

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Don't have much to show other than some failures and a few knives.

Those are not failures, those are the ways you figured out how NOT to do it. :)
The forum is a place to ask questions, show us what you have now and tell us where you want to go with it. You can usually get a the answer, or a referral to information on solving the problem.

As Dale suggested, find a local blacksmithing group. First hand information and someone "showing" you how to do something one-to-one is worth the trip. Besides you get to see tools you never new existed, see the work of other blacksmiths, and meet blacksmiths with a variety of skills and expertise. Oh yes, take the truck as there is usually something metal that you want to bring home.
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