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My mystic knife?

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I want to share a story of me and a dull, but mystic, knife...

I went to a restaraunt, and got a usual meal, but in the end (as I'm sure most of us do:rolleyes:) I decided to look at my knife (I had pasta, and didn't need it).

When I went to pick it up, my spoon went with it:o! It was as if a magnet was in the handle (a very strong magnet!).

I am pretty sure there was no magnet. I even spun my spoon on its end, while it was on the knife. I did get a kick out of annoying all the waiters though ;) (they wanted to know how I did it)!

It wasn't just the spoon, I could pick up my fork too!

Just thought I'd share a strange experiance!:D




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