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New hold down tool

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Heres a hold down tool i made this weekand, it is the copy of jeffs tool, i really like the idea, cant wait to go out and use it, i ground the weld a little so it looks really bad, also i will post a picure of a tool holder i made for behind the anvil....,

it is made form almost the same stuff as jeffs, a piece of 1" by 1/4" flat bar, cut groove in it, then welded a piece of 3/8" on the top.

The shank on the bottom is made of a 1" bolt with the head cut off, i welded that to the bottom, and used a piece of chain as a hook, so far it has worked really well and not had any problems, still havent done any major work on it.

the tool holder on the back is some angle iron with some 1/8" bars welded across the bottom...

Gives me somewhere to put my punches






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I'm likin the lastest hold down tools I've seen here recently - might be nice to string together if that hasn't happened in the past already. These are motivating me to come up with something more creative that my old bicycle chain with a window sash wieght hanging from it. Might help me stop burning my fingers when I grab the chain to lift it up on the second heat :)

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I welded everything, for the hook on the bottom I drilled it first, then inserted the hook and MIG welded it.

For things that fit in a hardy hole you have to do some grinding around the shaft where the plate meets the anvil, or it won't fit flat on the anvil face, and could chip out the top of the hardy hole.

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