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The devil


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On a recent road trip I stopped at a KFC and ordered a sandwich and a drink. Total came to $6.66. When I mentioned it to the clerk she said "yeah, a lot of people get freaked out about it and order something extra to change their total". Is this coincidence or planned to increase sales??!! Inquiring minds would like to know! No, I did not order anything extra.


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Here is some 'devil' humor:

A fellow died and went to the bad place so he was moping around. Satan noticed it and asked what was wrong. The guy replied, "Well, I'm kind of depressed because I'm in Hades". Satan said, "Do you like poker?" Guy replies in the affirmative, Satan says, "Well, Monday night is poker night. You can play all night long, no table limits, we give you $666,666.66 every week to spend on chips." The man cheered up a bit and the Devil continued, "Do you like to drink? Wednesday is happy night - anything goes and you get anything you want. We have 666 kinds of single malt scotch just waiting to be tried." By this time, the guy is smiling broadly. The Devil then asks, "By the way, are you gay?" The man looks puzzled and says "No" - why?" Satan says, "Hmmm, you're probably not going to like Friday night..."

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