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What's going on at your forge?

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My anvil is a 3" x 4" x 36" piece of steel. I actually have two of them and one is going to become a swage of sorts. Kinda hard to get 3" thick steel cut around these parts. :)

This my first hardy. Eventually I'll purchase a "real" anvil, but for now this works really well. Plus I can customize it to fit my own needs. When I get my stand completed I'll snap some pictures of the whole contraption :)

My thinking is simple. I could sit and wait for a "real" anvil or I can make my own and continue to learn the craft :)

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Ok i see now, You are doin good.Finding an anvil can take a long time but you have to much determination to wait which is great, keep it up;). Did you see apprenticemans new anvil? Maybe you could put your piece vertical like his?, that would make you a good anvil.

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