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pictures of blower and forge


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Great price, even in US$.

The tray idea is a beauty and will allow you to coke the coal as you go and not make you just dump green coal on your fire. Also, if the holes in your forge start blocking when in use as the coal gets smaller it may be necessary to change them to slots to maintain air flow. Lots of extra work and it may not be necessary if you maintain your fire really well.


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I used that type of forge for a while before I got another. I had a clinker get stuck in those holes once and had a hard time getting it out. To prevent that just make sure you clean your fire out when you get done forging for the day. Make you a little hand tool out of 3/8" round and poke it down in the holes to clear 'em. The tray for extra coal is ideal but not a must. Once again the forge I used didn't have that tray and I used it for over a year. And I'm here to tell about it!:D
The blower is very nice! Same stand as I got with mine but my blower is a #40. If it runs good then you got a real good deal. I paid $125 for my first one and $150 for my second one. (I did get a free fixer upper forge with the second one though!;))

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