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I Forge Iron

dissimilar metals?


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Stainless will absolutely weld to mild steel with the proper wire ( solid or FCAW ) and shielding gas combination. Stick works with the proper rod but I have no experience in that. Of course it can be Tigged nicely. can also be gas welded. Forge welding, I don't know but am sure someone has experience in this. Fact is, it can be welded together with modern technology but someone else will have to answer your specific question.

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The note about borax caught my eye,,,,,My guess is he wants to forge weld the metals,,,,What little I know about forge welding SS is that it takes an aggresive flux that may indeen be a health hazard...I do not need that,,,,I stick to Carbon steel for forge welding ,,,at least until I know more about it.

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