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Welding broken blades

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From Knife chat. Jan 16, 2009

[m_brothers] could I weld a crack in the top of his blade, spine area, it's all the way through, if I grind it out and the weld, and whatever, is it still usable? knife will be preheated to 300F for welding then will be put back in oven at 300 for 15 minutes, then allowed to cool down slowly you can try but most welds will always show and it may never talk a beating as before. Many times its best to remake the blade. Any other opinions on this ?
I am not concerned about it showing to be honest
[Finnr] there is the chance too that you have micro cracking that dosen't show
[m_brothers] & what rod should I use?? im thinking s-e-3 rod
[Finnr] What is the blade made of to start with John?
[steve sells] One major problem about repairing breaks, Ask WHY did it break in the first place? as as Finnr pointed out more cracks you don't see. a big problem anytime a "Found steel" is used also
[Finnr] I'd just forge a new one, not worth the effort to repair a blade that may or may not stand up I've tossed lots that showed cracking
[m_brothers] ok, well ill talk to him, he's calling the shots, im just the welder
[steve sells] I never repair my blades, I replace them, but I have welded another persons blade, as use as a wall hanger ONLY
[m_brothers] its from the quench, the oil was a bit cold
[markb] What about tang to blade welds?
[Finnr] toss it
[steve sells] I will not warranty nor allow a blade to be used as anything except decoration,if its not solid. I weld tangs, but not a butt weld. I over lap and forge weld it solid, then re heat treat
[Finnr] I do that , I will silver solder threaded stock on some hidden tang blades
[steve sells] try to keep the integrity of the steel a knife in use gets a lot of pressure on the blade if there is any problem in th steel it will carry over into the use as more problems
[markb] Would mig welded tang to blade be OK
[steve sells] I tack with mig, then forge weld, but a good welder should not have to forge weld it also
[brucegodlesky] works for me with preheat and post heat
[steve sells] I prefer to use forge welding for all joints in the blades, just my preference
[markb] Good welder thats my problem
[Finnr] that's why I forge weld I feel safer that way
[steve sells] I am a electrician not a real welder, I just slept at holiday inn express a few times
[markb] I play a welder on tv
[steve sells] a good welder, can make the weldment as strong or stronger than the patent metal,. I am not one of those so I forge weld as I am good at that
[steve sells] but I do know many that can.
[Finnr] the main thing to me is if a customer is paying good money they should get a good knife

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