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Railing stock opinions

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I need to put together a short railing quick for the house. About 60" long. I was thinking of using 1"x1" for the post/newel, 1"x1/4" top and bottom, and 3/8" ballusters. I'm wondering what would be "typical" though. I'm thinking I might need to scale up some and was just hoping someone who's done a few could say yeah or nay.

Thanks in advance. Rob.

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Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention that this is an indoor railing. As it turned out the place I get my steel from only had 1-1/2 sq. So I said go ahead and cut me some. I had no idea how heavy that was going to be. tube would have been better but I wanted to work the corners down on the post and the top and bottom bars to make a bevel. Hopefully it'll work out and I'll be able to post some pics. Thanks again. Rob.

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