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How to read a Kohlswa

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I was wondering if anyone knew what to make of this:

My mom bought me an anvil for Christmas. She found it around where she lives on craigslist. The guy said it was about a 50lb anvil. He was also selling one he thought was "about" 67lbs. Anyway, she bought the 50lber and when she took me out to the garage to see it, I saw that it was marked Kolhswa with the word Sweden directly under that. It doesn't appear to have a crown or anything. When I got it home I popped it on the bathroom scale and it was coming in at around 70lbs. When I tip it over so the name is facing up and the horn is to the left, the left foot has two markings, on looks like a 9 with a 2 stamped together and then a 3 next to it. The right foot has a 0 but there might be a 1 before it. If I get a chance I'll grab a few pics and post them.

Thanks in advance, Rob.

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