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Bone handled bowie


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Now that I got confirmation last Wednesday that the knife was successfully received by its new owner, I can post some pictures of the knife that I made for the xmas exchange over at the bladeforums.com . Unfortunately, while I've got quite a few in progress pictures (which I haven't yet uploaded), I only snapped 3 quick and not very good at all photos of the knife when it was finished. This is the 8th knife that I've actually finished. Sure I've got two dozen more in various stages of completion, from rough forged, to just needing to finish the handle, but that's, as far as finished products go, just number 8 for me. I've only been doing this since the very end of October 2006. 4 finished knives a year is a snail's pace, but it's what my free time allows. I almost feel like Sam Salvati sometimes because of the pile of forged but unfinished stuff in my shop =) (Just teasing ya Sam)

It's forged 1084, and incidentally is also the blade that I forged out when I taught my first ever class in smithing, a class in basic bladesmithing for the New England Blacksmiths, at the end of October. Overall length is 9.5 inches with a 4.5 inch blade. The bolster is mild steel, and the handle itself is bear bone, home stabilized. This is a 'left handed' knife, the recipient being left handed. The bone has a ridge on one side that makes it fit the left hand perfectly and naturally, but which makes it uncomfortable to hold right handed. The clip on the point is also on the opposite side of the 'typical' clip point, being left handed instead. The finish was just a hand rubbed 320 grit satin finish. It came out a bit back heavy because there was a lot of space in the bone and thus it took a lot of epoxy. The balance point is just behind the bolster.


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