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Bradley Wooden Helve Replacement

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So I am in the process of rebuilding my 300# Bradley. The helve on it is not original as it is not laminated as per the owners manual.

So I know maple is the best choice, getting the shape down is no problem, but what I don't know and can only guess at is the orientation details of the lamination's. Should I be able to see the layers when looking at the side or when looking down at the helve? How thick should each layer be, how many layers and would maple plywood be a good alternative if laid up to the correct thickness?

I hope Patrick will chime in here or anyone else that has one of these Bradleys.

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You don't have to have a laminated helve. Mine doesn't and it works fine. If you do make a laminated helve, the laminations need to be oriented vertically so that you can see them from the end of the beam but not the sides.


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