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can I turn mild steel into high carbon steel

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Yes, pack the mild steel into an air tight container, fill the void spaces with high carbon material, heat to a bright red heat, hold at that heat for at least a week. Or just go to the junk yard and get some car springs and make your knives from them.

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This doesn't help any, but don't this to people by my cousin: He swears that if you leave a piece of mild steel in motor oil overnight, it will soak up all of the carbon, and then be tool steel, almost. Doesn't work. Just to prove it to him, I did that, next day made a chisel out of it, after one hit, the edge was completely gone, but do what woody said.

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you lie - where do you live in the uk?
I live in cornwall, and although the scrappies aren't fab, it is worth going to have a chat. I just found out there a about five near me that I never knew about. If you live anywhere near me, I would be happy to give you some decent steel.

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