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  1. thanks terry I think I`ll get a bit more experiance before I start using that stuff and I like the knives on your website ron especially the one at the bottom of the page on smithing page 2 it looks really good
  2. there is an old second hand tool shop near where I live and luckily there are thousands of files there but the other day I saw some old lathe tools there now these seem pretty high carbon steel but I was wondering if it would be too brittle for the purpose of knife making (is that possible?) or would it be just right?
  3. silver steel is has a carbon content of about 1% is that enough to make a decent knife or if not what percentage of carbon would?
  4. thanks for that but I dont want to trouble you Ill try looking in the woods round my area though thanks!
  5. a bit disapointing but thanks for that guys you have saved me a bit trouble there thanks
  6. what steel is used in horseshoes an is it suitable to make knives out of?
  7. I live in surrey about 20 miles from london theres no scrapyard I can find which I can even buy scrap from they say health and safety they probably think I am to young a bit wierd a 15 yr old boy asking to buy some scrap metal
  8. just a quick question is it safe then to work with galvanized steel in a well ventilated outdoor place and wearing a respiratory mask (the kind that builders or other tradesmen wear when working with products that produce harmful particals e.g. fibreglass)
  9. I just aquired the mild steel off a friend of mine and since I live in the uk we dont have any scrap yards where we can go in and get metal anymore
  10. do you buy super quench or make it ?
  11. hi woody sounds like a good link my email is chrispy@ntlworld.com thanks very much in advance
  12. just a short couple of questions can I turn low carbon steel into high carbon steel to make a knife out of an if I can how? cheers
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