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Buy the Fox unit! the Vanco is old and has solid backer all the way up... you'll want to use the unbacked areas a lot. The six inch unit is too wide for knives and such and the belts are too rigid also... you'll use the flex especially at the edges of the belts to excellent effect. You won't use the disc feature much but you'll get plenty of service from the 1" belt and the Fox unit won't seem underpowered when you use it... mostly you have to grind lightly anyway to avoid overheating the metal too quickly. You could make one but the Fox unit will be cheap for the years of fine service you'll get from it... you won't be sorry.

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What ever you get be careful if you are using the same machine for both wood and metal, it's very easy for an earlier wood sanding sessions waste to be set alight by later grinding of steel - I'm speaking from experience here!

I've got this one:


The large Cast Iron Table for the disc is very good but I had to make a table for the belt to get the best from the machine as the supplied "fence" is useless for any thing other than quick stock removal.

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